In the life of an Altamate - Marketing Manager

Here at Altagram we strongly believe, that a business is only as good as its employees. That's why with this series of posts, we wanted to turn attention to the people that drive our company, our Altamates. This week we're starting off with Gianluca, who's elaborating on his role as the Marketing Manager, and his overall experience working for Altagram.

In the life of an Altamate – Marketing Manager

Gianluca has been working with Altagram for over two years now. The italian-born marketing professional with a passion for gaming was previously working at our Berlin office, before ultimately settling back in Italy and working remotely during the pandemic. In this interview he tells us a bit more about himself, and how his personality is reflected in his role as part of the Marketing Team.

Being a Marketing Manager

What is the best part of your job?

"The best thing for me are the people here! I do feel like we are a big family, with all kinds of characters. I am just happy to have the opportunity to work closely with so many nice people. Thanks to them I don’t only enjoy my work, but I also keep constantly improving myself! "

What is your favorite pastime at the office?

"Since our team has been working mostly remotely since the beginning of the pandemic, I would say that my favorite activity (no need to include “pastime”) is when we have our online meetings. It feels like we all are there together, and this gives me a good feeling!"

What is your personal work style?

"Adjusting to working from home remotely has been unusual, but thankfully I have been able to keep the same level of efficiency by respecting our regular working hours, and this has not affected movercome the various difficulties thy personal life at all. By working together as a well-bonded team we have been able to at may have shown up along the way and defined specific procedures and standards that we have been sticking to."

How have you personally improved working through Altagram?

"Working at Altagram I have learnt so many new things, especially related to some aspects of game localization itself. We have been working on so many new and interesting projects and the result of that is us always learning something new through our creative process. Moreover, the Altagram team is always striving to provide shared knowledge from different sectors, so that everyone can have an understanding of what other departments are working on."

How do you feel about the company's culture?

"I feel like we are a big family: everyone cares about each other and there is a genuine sense of reciprocal support. Everyone takes pride at doing their best and aiming at excellent results. Altagram is also very open to the concept of inclusivity, which I believe is something very important nowadays. We strive at providing the right place for everyone. And we are proud of the results!"

What motivates you to work at Altagram?

"Having the possibility to work with so many lovely people and on a multitude of interesting and at times challenging projects constantly keeps my motivations high. The creative processes we need to put in place in order to properly showcase our brand, our strength and show to the world that we are the best fit for so many video game projects out there, is something that leads myself and our team to constantly do our best and keep improving ourselves day by day. And something like this also playing a huge impact on how much I love my job at Altagram!"

What drives Gianluca

Do you have a favorite game?

"More than “game” I would say “games”. There are many of them that somehow had a huge impact on my outlook on life. But for the sake of properly answering that question, I would say that my favorite game ever is Shadow of the Colossus. For me this game conveyed a variety of feelings, from just exploring the game’s world, to finding out more of the main character’s journey, to the very climactic ending."

If you could be any video game character, who would it be?

"I think it may be interesting being Geralt of Rivia. Of course, this may involve a lot of monster slaying and danger, some regions of the world may be depressing (I’m looking at you Velen!), but there are some perks too. I just need to find them…Ah, yes! The good old Gwent!"

In the life of an Altamate – Marketing Manager


Has any game ever left an influence on you after you stopped playing?

"This brings me back again to Shadow of the Colossus. My take from that game is that a strong will can defeat anything. (such as the Colossi)."

Your favorite quote from a video game?

"Never forget what it is like to see the world as a child, Senua: where every autumn leaf is a work of art; every rolling cloud, a moving picture; every day a new story. We too emerge from this magic, like a wave from the ocean, only to return back to the sea. Do not mourn the waves, the leaves and the clouds. Because even in darkness the wonder and beauty of the world never leaves. It's always there, just waiting to be seen again."

In the life of an Altamate – Marketing Manager


If you're interested in being an Altamate, or working with Gianluca on the Marketing Team, don't hesitate to visit our career page to find current open positions, or to contact us as a freelancer. See you on the team!


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