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Game Localization

Translating game text is at the heart of localization, but it takes more than a simple translation to make it successful. We know this thanks not only to our professional experience, but also our personal experience; everyone at Altagram is a gamer.

We guarantee:

  • Native experts
    A dedicated and pro-active team of native experts
  • Proofreading
    Rigorous proofreading
  • Quality check
    Automatic terminology verification
    Consistency checks
    Character length checks
    Glossary validation
    File delivered in the chosen format

We offer:

In addition to game scripts, voice-over and user interfaces, we localize all media and various types of text you may need, including:

  • User manuals
  • Packaging
  • Graphics
  • Legal text
  • Marketing material
  • Websites
  • Subtitles

We deal with all file formats, including yours.

Our in-house native translation specialists and freelance experts

We are proud to work with both our in-house native translators and a large network of over 1000 certified freelance specialists who enable us to offer high quality game localization in more than 50 languages. Our native linguists collaborate on all projects, working comfortably with all gaming platforms and official glossaries and terminologies. Their skills ensure your game's quality and the successful launch of your localized title.

Our team’s structure is our strength and you can see it in our results. A project manager is assigned to you, serving as your point of contact for the entirety of your localization project. Following a thorough initial project analysis, tailor-made, handpicked teams, either internal or external, are assigned to complete the work based on your game's needs.

This custom-made team works on your project from start to finish, bringing with it a rapid flow of communication and extensive localization experience to your game. Following the “four eyes principle,” all texts are translated and then re-read by a native proofreader. This reviewer offers a fresh set of eyes on the content, further ensuring the quality of your localized title.

The translation process also includes the creation of a glossary and a query log, enabling a better overall understanding of the project and its unique needs. Prior to completion, all projects are subjected to extremely thorough quality control.

Localization software and engineers

Although nothing beats human judgement when it comes to translation and localization, technology is a very useful tool to help us do our job better, something in which we invest and continuously update. With our assisted translation tools and work processes, we can ensure a quality translation flow of over 4 million words per month.

We mainly work with the leading CAT software for video game localizations: memoQ server. Our internal memoQ server allows us to centralize all project information, files and translation history and share them in real time with our linguists, wherever they may be. We pull out all the stops with our resources to ensure quality software is used throughout the entire process and deliver a quality final product to our clients.

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