Dragon Quest Builders 2

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Dragon Quest Builders 2, an action RPG sandbox, is a sequel to the original Dragon Quest Builders and was published by Square Enix. Released worldwide between 2018 and 2021 for various platforms (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation4, Windows, Xbox), we contributed with translation and localization support in different languages, including German.


An accomplished German translation full of wit.
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Computer BILD

Full of humor and imagination: wine turns into “Rebschorle“ [vine spritzer], and a female go-go dancer becomes a “Showhäschen“ [show bunny].
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The characters are lovable and they all have lots to tell you. They benefit from funny, beautifully written dialog. […] Despite the translation into German, that sense of humor that is typical of Dragon Quest is very much intact.
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Greg‘s RPG HeaveN

Above all, I‘d like to pay respect to the German localization. [...] There‘s humor everywhere, every single character and monster has it own unique personality and is written in an entertaining way.
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