Quality Assurance

Altagram understands the need for quality and we want your game to be a bona fide classic.

We have a native, dedicated, and experienced team of in-house testers across more than 28 languages to ensure your game is ready for any market of your choosing.

We guarantee:

  • Native Language Talent
    Team of expert, native language testers and terminology specialists in over 25 languages
  • In-house Team
    In-house testing, thoughtfully selected expertise
  • Project Leadership
    Dedicated project managers and test leads
  • Flexibility
    Scheduling accommodation and Tool Integration tailored to your needs
  • Communication and Transparency
    Real-time communication, detailed reports on testing progress
  • Outstanding Quality
    Optimization of processes, complete coverage of your title on all platforms

We offer:

  • Localization Quality Assurance
    Providing feedback and suggesting improvements in translation accuracy
  • Gameplay Experience Testing
    Ensuring the text in game is appropriate, consistent, and relevant to the target audience
  • User Interface Testing
    Identifying issues in readability and implementation of text in game
  • Culturalization Assessment
    Native language and locale-specific experts evaluate and address culture interpretation issues in game translation
  • Terminology Compliance
    Compliance verification of official Platform-specific terminology
Skydance Interactive

Process was seamless, the team was very helpful and responsive. A well-trusted partner I'm happy to have on my side!

Thunderful Games

Altagram has been fantastic every step of the way, and I can't fault them so far. Great job!

CCP Games

It's overall a pleasure to work with Altagram.

LQA provides comprehensive support to make sure your games are fit for the markets and platform of your choice.

Only an in-depth testing phase will yield a polished title before submission or release. LQA for your games means eliminating the risk of costly console submission fails, essential to any game’s success.
Our team consists of trained terminology specialists, native speakers and, most importantly, gaming enthusiasts who perform quality assurance testing in over 25 languages on all major platforms, including PC, mobile, VR, and consoles.

From in-game text to all graphical components, every element of your game will be rigorously tested. We always maintain a constant, steady flow of communication with our clients, delivering daily testing reports tailored to your specific wishes.


Want more? We scale with you.

Over 55 languages.

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