How do we approach games?


Our Games Approach

Our mission is to give each game the uniquely tailored localization it deserves. A dedicated team specializing in every type of game, guaranteeing a successful localization.

Whether you're an AAA game publisher, an indie producer, a mobile developer, a VR developer, or anything in-between, Altagram offers localization services that suit you and your game's needs. The incredible diversity of the gaming industry means every video game is unique and respecting your specific needs is what lets the essence of your game be conveyed to players worldwide.
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Whatever the project, we are happy to handle it because we love games as much as you do.


PC and Console Games

We offer:

  • Localization project direction and planning
  • User interface localization
  • User manual and print media localization
  • Game script translation
  • Graphic localization (DTP)
  • Voice-over recording
  • Functional and\or localization QA on the final product
  • Merchandising media localization (website translation, advertisements, etc.)

Mobile Games

We ensure:

  • Speedy exchanges and constant communication
  • Translation into all languages
  • Fast turnaround
Global, rapid, and smooth. These are the things that should define the launch of your mobile or casual game. In a market where everything has to be done quickly and to a high level of quality, Altagram is ready to support you with passion and flexibility.
With a project manager and linguistic coordinator matched specifically to your team, we ensure a smooth process that will result in the highest quality localization at every stage of your project. A dedicated team of native translators specialized in casual games provides a translation adapted to cultural specificities and language constraints before the reviewers take over.

MMO Games

We ensure:

  • Perfect coherency no matter the amount of content
  • A dedicated and innovative team
  • Possibility to access the game for familiarization
  • Terminology compliance
  • Functional and localization QA
  • Voice-over studios for multilingual audio

Indie Games

We ensure:

  • Speedy exchanges and constant communication
  • Translation into all languages
  • Fast turnaround


We ensure:

  • Speedy exchanges and constant communication
  • An extremely dedicated and innovative team
  • Fast turnaround
  • Translation into all languages

VR Games

We ensure:

VR: the ultimate immersive experience. With an in-house studio and full range of audio equipment at our disposal, we have the tools to bring your VR game experience to life. Altagram works both on binaural audio and sound design projects, allowing us to guide you through every step of your localization project. Our audio team combines expert designers and audio engineers, who can make your game a world more real than reality itself.