Multimedia Localization

Whatever the medium, Altagram has the knowledge and experience for all types of multimedia localization.

We guarantee:

  • A dedicated team
    A team of dedicated experts
  • In-house engineers
    In-house localization engineers
  • All formats
    Ability to work with all formats for all platforms

We offer:

  • Video subtitling and dubbing
  • Comic book localization
  • Graphic novel localization
  • Special effects
  • Multimedia, hardware, and software app localization (wearable technology devices, etc.)
  • Marketing localization and legal text translation

Altagram has the expertise and tools to do all forms of multimedia localization in addition to specializing in video game localization on every major platform.

Whether it's localizing a new wearable device app that requires specific media to be created and adapted or subtitling the latest blockbuster, we've seen it all and are happy to handle it.

We offer a wide range of services including translation and adaptation of comic books, graphic novels, and new hardware, as well as marketing and legal texts.

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