Audio and Voiceover

Speech and sound bring video games to life, making your game's world real.

The importance of audio in creating a compelling, immersive storytelling experience is paramount. Whether it's games, movies, animations, trailers, or videos, Altagram offers an end-to-end audio localization solution, fully customized to your production needs and budget, in over 55 languages.

We guarantee:

  • An experienced team
    A team of diverse, top-notch project managers, engineers, and artistic directors that already worked on your favorite games, ready to take your product to the next level.
  • Innovative pipelines
    We utilize AI and dedicated softwares, to ensure your script will reach your audience's ears, the way you imagined.
  • Global studio network
    A network of over 100 specialized studio partners worldwide with a proven track record of quality. We think global and go local!
  • Database of actors
    You'll have the best database of talented actors from around the globe, to give your production a voice anyone can understand.

We offer:

  • Talent Casting
  • Original Voice
  • ADR and Dubbing
  • Artistic Direction
  • Song Localization
  • Mixing in up to 7.1 channels
  • Sound Design
  • Music Composition
  • Complete Score Production
  • Quality Assurance

Audio Samples

In-house produced audios.

Recording at the Altagram Studio

Berlin serves as the Silicon Valley of German dubbing, granting us privileged access to an extensive network of local actors and directors. Our team of experts handles the in-house recording of both German and English speaking actors, collaborating with the many American and British professional voice actors residing in the city.

To maintain quality standards in all languages, we have established partnerships with international studios. These collaborations allow us to offer a wide range of high-quality, native language talents and directors. We can provide you with access to our database of over 13,000 actors worldwide, enabling us to make recommendations based on specific roles and characters.

All projects are meticulously prepared, monitored, and quality-checked by our Berlin team. Our goal is to ensure that your requirements are met with the utmost quality throughout the entire process.

Audio localization specialists

Our team of audio professionals brings together audio leads, sound engineers, and artistic directors, all collaborating to fulfill your project's specific needs. Project managers will create tailor-made solutions that are specific to your project and connect you to our team, ensuring a smooth process in every aspect. Upon starting the project, we'll provide a checklist for the mission consisting of budget and schedule compliance, script integrity, references, technical specifications, and time constraints.

Once recording is finished, post-production begins, including editing, levelling, and if it's needed, mixing, sound design, and music.

Each audio file is subjected to quality testing prior to the project’s completion. After that, we'll delivery the final results to you in the format of your choice, accompanied by a script including all the text changes for perfect subtitle integration. The end result speaks for itself: a flawless localization, culturally adapted to your target market.

Technical and practical aspects

Our in-house recording studios, situated in the heart of Treptower Park in Berlin, are spacious and well-lit, offering an immersive recording environment for our actors. They are equipped with everything necessary to effectively portray their character roles while fostering creativity.

With our three first-rate recording rooms, 7.1 mixing room, and state-of-the-art recording equipment, we assure exceptionally clear, precise, and pristine audio quality. We also invite you to participate in the recording process, either in person or remotely, to ensure that you receive the most accurate and evocative results.

Samples of Our Work

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