Altagram’s team of globalization and culturalization experts in the video games industry provide professional linguistic and marketing support.

Our goal is to support our industry partners in creating an inclusive environment for gamers and players around the world. We are focused on guiding the usage of cultural, geopolitical and socioeconomical sensitive terms, as well as raising awareness and promoting the accuracy and equality of cultural and language specific aspects of inclusive game localization.



Our services include, but are not limited to:

Creation of language inclusive guidelines for localization

Culturalization evaluation performed on source text, art assets, marketing assets, marketing copies, gameplay, and game soundtracks

Tailored evaluation score cards and feedback forms

Hyper-culturalization services focused on marketing campaigns and design, aimed to ensure a full regional content accuracy and increased user engagement


Culturalization services for marketing materials include:

Art Assets
Keywords and ASO

The main aspects of culturalization

Making content suitable
Ensuring the absence of unauthorized or sensitive content so your game is a hit in any market
Making content understandable
An adapted localization so that your game can be seamlessly understood by the players
Making content meaningful
Adapting and providing specific gaming options to give your title a local flavor

To ensure your title achieves these three objectives, Altagram looks into the five following elements considered to be the central pillars of culturalization:

History: past and present
Religion and belief systems
Ethnic and cultural tensions
Geopolitical situations
In-game elements: music, color usage, game promotion, game mechanics, etc.

We understand that this is a personalized service and that each project needs dedicated, individualized attention in order to succeed. Together, we can assess your project's needs and decide upon the best culturalization strategy for maximum acceptance and enjoyment abroad.

Interested in our culturalization services?

Skydance Interactive

Overall process with Localization was smooth. The teams' ability to take on new work and turn it around is fast and high quality. For the LQA process, this went very well as well.


Everyone that I've worked with has generally given me positive attitudes and responses. The translating team is also very thorough and concise with meaning and keeping up with the main glossary.

Thunderful Games

Altagram have been fantastic every step of the way, and I can't fault them so far. Great job!

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