In-House Setup

Time is essential when releasing your localized title. We've devised a service to ensure your game is released right on schedule.

With Altagram, we can offer two distinct plans for your localization project. We can either place a team of our own experts in your office, giving you access to your own in-house localization division as they work alongside the rest of your team. Or, we can personally recruit and create a team for your project that we host in our office for the duration of your project.

Your in-house team:

We'll set up a team of our own localization specialists within your office to assist you with your latest game localization projects and challenges.

We'll send our very own native translators, testers, project managers and coordinators to your office to work together with you right alongside the rest of your own team.

We'll assess your needs and setup a team that best meets your needs. We can work flexibly and transparently, allowing you to either let us take care of everything or join us each step of the way.

The result: your own perfect team, selected using our best recruitment methods.

We understand the importance of confidentiality when it comes to releasing a new title, so our option of creating an in-house team especially for you works perfectly if you don't have the capacity to hire more people.

Your remote expert team:

Altagram offers a recruitment and consultancy service on top of our in-house localization and culturalization services.

Altagram will personally recruit a team of experts to host in our own office, in a secured, private room to see out your localization project in its entirety.

We'll recruit the right team for your needs, whether that includes a single localization project, a multilingual project, testers, project managers, or anything else in-between. We'll evaluate your needs and setup a custom solution.

Your personalized team will have a secured room in our office, allowing them to have direct contact to our team and in-house state-of-the-art facilities.

It's never too early to get started.

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