Functionality Quality Assurance

It is well known that the virtual worlds of video games can provide real-world benefits such as stress relief, boosting brain connectivity, stimulating logical thinking, improving manual dexterity, and teaching you to be a better problem solver.

To ensure that players are positively influenced and benefit from playing a game, the Altagram QA department has the tools necessary (including love for games) to explore the potential and contribute to the success of your title.

Here is a list of the standard checks we perform:


  • We validate processes to ensure excellent user experience and acceptance:

When a top-quality game is released, customer satisfaction is reflected in their reviews online and on platforms, boosting sales and guaranteeing a long-lasting relationship between the players and the game companies.

  • We save time and resources by identifying issues early in the development process:

Including QA at each step of the development process can help save costs, fixing important issues before new features are implemented. QA contributes to both the quality of the product and the punctuality of its release.

  • We certify compatibility and compliance with the platforms and gamepads on the market:

QA helps prevent the violation of rules and ensures the proper use of licenses and trademarks for all platforms and gamepads. It also ensures quality and compatibility with alternative systems and platforms, opening up possibilities for players, expanding the target market, and facilitating access to the application.

  • We introduce a “fresh set of eyes” to detect details and defects not previously noticed during the development process:

When someone from the outside double-checks your work, they can provide new perspectives that can challenge you to rethink your product. By working with an outsourced team, the chance of missing overlooked elements is significantly reduced.

  • We analyze reliability and performance, increasing the overall quality of the system:

To help establish scalability and processing speed, Performance Testing is essential. Our team comes equipped with the knowledge and the gear to report accurate results and help improve the reliability of your system.


Why FQA?

FQA is an essential part of software development, as it ensures the reliability of the platform and that it adheres to requirements when put to the test.

Our QA department is experienced and dedicated to assisting our clients, understanding their products, and offering the best suggestions and solutions to achieve excellence.



Our team

Our team of trained terminology specialists, native speakers and, most critically, gaming enthusiasts can perform functionality quality assurance testing in over 25 languages on all major platforms, including PC, mobile, VR, and consoles.

Using the latest bug tracking tools such as Devtrack, Bugzilla, Jira, Mantis, and Redmine, we'll help you launch bug-free, error-proof titles.



Why Altagram?

We are passionate about high-quality video games and customer satisfaction, going above and beyond to help you deliver the best gaming experience.

We focus on building a close relationship with our clients, being open to opinions and feedback, maintaining a positive attitude, and accommodating their needs.

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Skydance Interactive

Overall process with Localization was smooth. The teams' ability to take on new work and turn it around is fast and high quality. For the LQA process, this went very well as well.


Everyone that I've worked with has generally given me positive attitudes and responses. The translating team is also very thorough and concise with meaning and keeping up with the main glossary.

Thunderful Games

Altagram have been fantastic every step of the way, and I can't fault them so far. Great job!

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