Localization Quality Evaluation

Altagram performs evaluation tests on all types of games, no matter what language. The process is fast and simple, giving you the details you need to make informed decisions about your game.

We guarantee:

  • A dedicated team
    A dedicated team of professionals
  • In-house specialists
    In-house specialists reviewing your title in their native language

We offer:

  • Your game as a completely culturally immersive experience
  • Verification and evaluation:
  • Localization quality verification
  • Culturalization assessments
  • Detailed report on findings adapted to your needs

Understanding the performance of your game after its initial launch is extremely insightful. Seeing whether your localization was up to scratch and if the players really understood your title's aims is essential information on how to improve your game's performance. Even if your game has already been localized for multiple markets, it's still a good idea to do a quality evaluation along the way.

Quality evaluation can consist of a complete audit or a minor check on specific aspects, such as grammar and typos. We avoid any subjective evaluation (score analysis) and we listen to you and your title's needs. Our analysis, however thorough you'd like it to be, will conclude with suggested corrections from our team in the form of a comprehensive, detailed, and logical report. Each suggestion that we give comes with clear explanations for each of our comments.

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Skydance Interactive

Overall process with Localization was smooth. The teams' ability to take on new work and turn it around is fast and high quality. For the LQA process, this went very well as well.


Everyone that I've worked with has generally given me positive attitudes and responses. The translating team is also very thorough and concise with meaning and keeping up with the main glossary.


Altagram have been fantastic every step of the way, and I can't fault them so far. Great job!

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