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What makes us special

Altagram is a global, multilingual game localization and audio production agency with headquarters in three vibrant international cities: Berlin, Seoul, and Montréal. We are proud to be an independent, woman-led company.

We provide our clients with a full range of localization services for all types and genres of video games, from fully immersive MMORPGs to casual app-based games.

Our team is made up of a multicultural group of dedicated in-house employees who are supported by our stellar pool of freelancers, and we are always looking for more talented and passionate people to join us!

Think you might be a good fit? Keep reading to see what it’s like to work at Altagram!

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Our culture and benefits

Our Values

We celebrate DIVERSITY
We want everyone to feel free to live their uniqueness. The more diverse personalities that come together, the more creative and inspiring the ideas we share. We as a team represent a varied mix of backgrounds, mindsets and experiences that drives innovation and development.
We nurture our TEAM SPIRIT.
The essence of our success lies in a team that supports and inspires each other. That’s why care, cooperation and compassion are central to our company culture. We are nerdy at home and in our work, bonding and creating friendships through our shared passions and interests.
We commit to our PARTNERS’ SUCCESS.
Our partners’ success is our success. We are passionate not only about games, but about delivering a job well done - every time. We as a company prioritize efficiency, fairness, transparency and doing great work that our partners can rely on.
We place QUALITY at the CORE of everything we do.
We are perfectionists at heart and at work. We are driven by a desire to contribute to the success of any game we work on - it takes passion and expertise to reach the high standards we deliver.

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Development & Growth


Diversity & Inclusion

We’re proud of the diverse culture we have created at Altagram. A workplace where everyone feels welcome and free to be their authentic selves, regardless of gender, race, age, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or cultural background. Everyone deserves equal treatment and respect, and we ensure that our workforce reflects that internally and among our partners and clients.

Our social contribution

Our social responsibility efforts focus on contributing to a more sustainable future for all of us.

In cooperation with Games Forest Club, Altagram supports three reforestation projects in Germany, Peru and Indonesia. The main goal is to protect the last remaining old-growth forests.

We’ve invested in these wilderness areas to legally secure the land and protect the areas for the future. Local forest guardians ensure the integrity of the conservation areas and protect them from mining, logging, agriculture, and hunting.

By supporting the “Old-Growth Forests in Eastern Germany” project, Altagram protects Uckermark forests from industrial forestry, agriculture, and infrastructure development. We not only protect the forests but also contribute a lot to the local biodiversity and improve the forests’ resilience to the climate crisis.

Are you ready to level up? Then join us!

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Growth, learning, and employee development are massively important to us. Growth goes in both directions, which is why we are open to innovative new ideas—if you have suggestions, you’re welcome to share them! Are you ready to level up in your career? Then join us!

Working with us as a freelancer


Altagram regularly works with our teams of professional freelance translators, voice actors, localization testers, and audio engineers. We have a steady flow of interesting projects in a variety of languages, and our recent satisfaction survey shows that our freelancers are very happy working with us. Even though you aren’t working in the office with us, we value your work and appreciate how essential you are to our company’s success!

(Please, note that due to the sheer amount of requests we get we may not be able to quickly get back at you. We will do our best to do so! Thanks for your understanding.)