Through culturalization, Altagram's localization
hits the right notes with your players,
taking your game to the next level


Game Culturalization

Culturalization is the key to success in foreign markets. It ensures that every fine detail of your game is examined for any potential cultural hurdles and addressed accordingly, guaranteeing that the content won't offend local sensibilities and that the graphics and environment are interpreted correctly. In short, our culturalization processes give your game the best chance of a good reception abroad, wherever it may be released.

We offer:

We localize all marketing materials, including:

  • Icons (for App Store and Google Play Store)
  • Logos
  • Screenshots (all media needed to publish to platforms)
  • Metadata (app description)
  • Keywords and ASO (App Store Optimization)
After our team of native linguists has worked on your project as a final step, Altagram can help you with operations:

  • Budgeting
  • Customer service
  • PR and communication

Culturalization with Altagram

Whichever country or countries you're targeting for your video game, we'll accompany you on this journey to identify potential obstacles and find solutions that'll help your game shine in other markets.

From simple graphics adaptation for the App Store or the Play Store to marketing advice, multilingual community management, and Game Store features, Altagram’s culturalization services will guide you into your target market, informing you of any cultural differences.

Whether it's color choices, graphics, the scenario, or the style, in every case, we'll find solutions that'll help your game adhere to local sensibilities while still respecting the creative essence of your game.

We take care of:


Culturalization, text localization, QA, launch strategy


Pre/post-launch campaigns


Strategic partnerships and promotions on the App Store and the Play Store


Sales planning and communication management

The localization and complete culturalization of all in-game text files and assets in every language required is part of our offer, but will be discussed separately, depending on the product and its specific requirements.

The main aspects of culturalization

  • Making content suitable
    Ensuring the absence of unauthorized or sensitive content so your game is a hit in any market
  • Making content understandable
    An adapted localization so that your game can be seamlessly understood by the players
  • Making content meaningful
    Adapting and providing specific gaming options to give your title a local flavor

To ensure your title achieves these three objectives, Altagram looks into the five following elements considered to be the central pillars of culturalization:

  • History: past and present
  • Religion and belief systems
  • Ethnic and cultural tensions
  • Geopolitical situations
  • In-game elements: music, color usage, game promotion, game mechanics, etc.

We understand that this is a personalized service and that each project needs dedicated, individualized attention in order to succeed. Together, we can assess your project's needs and decide upon the best culturalization strategy for maximum acceptance and enjoyment abroad.

Interested in our game culturalization services?