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Playing AAA video games on a smartphone would be a dream come true for many gamers. The new technology advances in mobile devices and 5G connection will make this possible, and our wishes will come true sooner than we imagine. Even huge companies with extensive experience in the entertainment field know that mobile gaming has a bright future worldwide, catching thousands of new consumers every year, and for this reason they are doing all the they can to get their slice of the sales. Soon there will be no excuses for not enjoying the latest releases, getting the same experience no matter which device you’re playing on.

Past vs. Present

The arrival of smartphones and their operating systems iOS and Android allowed many new developers to create apps, with the goal of allowing the millennial user could use their smart device not just for calling but also for information and entertainment. More than ten years ago, the first classic mobile games were released, including Candy Crush, Angry Birds, and Fruit Ninjas, and these laid the foundation for younger firms to enter this industry with original games, allowing many users to entertain themselves during their spare time. However, these early mobile games could not compare to PC games, and "true gamers" were always looking for new experiences and stories that only a video game console or PC could offer.

Nowadays it is another story; the new generation of smartphones are powerful as a computer, allowing them to run video games soundly. Young people are taking advantage of their smartphone features to play renowned games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, League of Legends, among other titles. Even Sony announced around six months ago that they would assign an entire division to mobile video games alone, ensuring exclusive Sony titles will reach smartphone users.

However, there is yet another way to play the new generation of games: video game streaming. It works like a movie streaming platform such as Netflix or Hulu, but these platforms offer virtual content for gamers. Many companies are currently offering this kind of service, for instance Microsoft, Sony, Google, Amazon, and other competitors, which offer a vast catalog of games just for a small monthly fee. What remarkable about this service is that the user can connect to these platforms via everyday devices, for instance via their smartphone, laptop, or TV, avoiding having to install the game. The only mandatory requirement to use the gaming streaming, apart from your exclusive membership, is to have access to a fast network connection, ideally 20 Mbps, with the primary objective being that the player can enjoy fluid and instantaneous gameplay.

What kind of mobile gamer are you?

According to a survey by Google and Kantar TNS, there are three types of genres of gamers in the mobile gaming field. The survey participants were classified according to the video games they played most in their leisure time. The first type is the Classic Gamer. These individuals aim simply to relax and take a break after a hard daz of work, playing Candy Crush, Gardenscapes or similar, which tend to be less complex and serve primarly to help the users pass the time.

The second class is the Strategy Gamer. Apart from passing the time, these people love to challenge themselves with video games to compete with others or work as a team online to reach a common objective. Popular games in this section include PUBG Mobile, Clash Royale or Fortnite. Finally, there is the Fantasy Gamers. Their goal is to play a role in an fictional as way to escape from reality, using a customized avatar to accomplish missions and earn trophies. Related smartphone games are Fate/Grand Order, Dragon Ball Z mobile, and Shadow Legends, among others.

New opportunities in this industry

As we can see, there are alternatives to developing mobile games. However, one important thing to emphasize is that the consumption of this form of entertainment content has increased rapidly in the last decade. According to Statista, in 2020, there were more than three billion video gamers worldwide, representing about 35% of the world's population. That means there is a vast international market for young developers who want to create video games with limited resources, taking advantage of the fact the mobile game community is not as demanding as those gamers that primarily play on consoles or PC. Free to play titles can be a good option for new or smaller companies, as games of this category can quickly grab the attention of new young gamers and ultimately be very profitable.

Altagram - Supporting you with your Projects

New challenges come with new responsibilities. The mobile game industry is growing by leaps and bounds. The best way to enhance the gamers' interest in a specific video game is to be in the users' mother tongue. Game localization can be the key to differentiate your game from your competitors, offering a value addition to boost users' experience.

According to The Verge, every virtual mobile store has different requirements for game development. One of the greater challenges game studios must face is localization. If a mobile game is launched on the Apple Arcade, the game is required to be translated in at least 12 languages for it to be published on the platform. This precondition might be a great advantage for new companies in the mobile gaming industry since their games will reach more customers in different regions worldwide.

Besides, there are always many queries related to games development and release. What can I do? What is the best way to break into a foreign market? How can I translate my game into another language?

Do not worry; Altagram is here to help you and take on the task of bringing your game to multiple markets worldwide. Our localization experience, acquired with renowned companies within the gaming industry such as Square EnixBlizzardBandai NamcoNexon, among others, has made us ready for any challenge (from AAA to Indie games).

In the same way, Altagram's team, made up of game specialists, quality evaluators, audio producers, among other passionate gaming collaborators, is ready to support you in implementing better solutions in your projects to ensure today's international multicultural market can enjoy your mobile video game.

Would you like to discuss your gaming projects? Contact us or visit our website for more information about our services. You have found the ultimate right partner for game localization.


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