While localizing over 5500 games we often heard the request for higher quality, better prices and faster delivery.


For over 15 years we have wanted an end-to-end game localization platform.


We got sick of waiting.


So we created Alocai.


Alocai is an end-to-end game localization platform that integrates human creativity and AI to deliver superior gaming experiences.

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Quality Assurance

Altagram understands the need for quality and we want your game to be a bona fide classic. We have a native, dedicated, and experienced team of in-house testers across more than 25 languages to ensure your game is ready for any market of your choosing.

Personalized plans in over 25+ languages.

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Audio Production & Voice-Over Recording

The importance of audio in creating a compelling, immersive gaming experience is paramount. Altagram offers every audio localization service your game might need in over 50 languages.

3500+ audio and voice-over productions.

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