What Makes Us Different

The strengths that make Altagram a success and the difference we can make for your video game.

A good video game has the ability to completely immerse its players in a different reality. This is the spirit that drives our work at Altagram, day after day. We are passionate about video games and driven by the idea of contributing to the launch of a successful title. It takes passion and expertise to achieve the level of quality that will make your game different and stand out in the marketplace.


We have experience with all video game platforms and genres, including the latest consoles, MMOs, casual games, mobile games, and browser games.

Professional Tools

To deliver the highest quality localization, our linguistic team uses top-of-the-range CAT tools. We work with an ERP system to ensure fast communication and follow up. Our audio recording studios and post-production rooms are all equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Altagram Platform

We have created our very own web solution designed to automate and simplify localization workflows, enabling us to process localization requests 24/7.

In-house Engineers

We understand the need for speed and efficiency in this industry and work hard to always rise to the challenge for our clients. With all of our experts under the same roof, including in-house localization engineers, we are always able to deal with any format and any complicated file your project might require.

Working with Altagram means:

We listen

Adaptability & Transparency: We understand that every localization project is different and yours is no exception. Communication is a key factor for us; we listen and we ask, and we will work as hard as you do to make your title a success.

Project Management: Our quality-oriented project managers are all passionate about video games. Having successfully shipped over 5,500 titles, they are experienced professionals who understand the need for tight schedules and can work with all file structures, even the most complicated ones. We apply the knowledge and insight we have gained from each title we have localized over the years on every project we work on. With our transparent, dedicated and highly experienced project management team, your project is in good hands from start to finish with Altagram.

As a result of working with many of the video game industry's leading companies, our experience covers a huge variety of not just projects, but also the latest tools, equipment, processes, and formats. Each project brings with it new experiences and opportunities to learn and further sharpen our skills.

Quality Guarantee

As a team of perfectionists, we always strive for the highest quality. Through rigorous double and triple checks, we do everything to give you a flawless localization. We have devised processes that ensure that at every stage of your project, our work is proofed and checked extremely thoroughly using both tools and software, in addition to QA checks by our knowledgeable team.

With an ever-expanding team at Altagram, we never miss the chance to recruit new talents. Every translator undergoes testing to ensure our quality standards are met. Additionally, for each project we take on, we build a team of experts, both internal and external, specialized in the project's requirements, to undertake the quality check process.

Global Coverage

Altagram is a one-stop solution for your game, providing localization and culturalization services that are specifically tailored to you and your game's needs. Whether you are looking to localize game text, subtitle a video or undergo a Localization Quality Evaluation check, we will help you every step of the way. We are a dedicated team working as an extension of our clients' own teams, working together as partners to create a flawless localization.

In order to ensure the highest quality, we only work with the best resources. With over 55 languages in our portfolio as of 2023, we have our own in-house multilingual audio studio as well as exterior partner studios around the world to guarantee the highest quality localized voice-over.

Expert Team

At Altagram we take pride in working only with the best. We are a team of dedicated experts structured in the best possible way to deliver quality throughout every stage of your localization project:

  • Project managers
  • Coordinators
  • In-house linguists
  • Testers, QA leads
  • Multilingual audio team
  • Translators
  • Editors
  • Localization engineers
  • 1000+ native translation experts
  • 70+ Certified audio partners and video game specialists worldwide
  • Culturalization experts

What makes us different?

We offer a personalized global solution to your localization needs.
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Quality Assurance

Altagram understands the need for quality and we want your game to be a bona fide classic. We have a native, dedicated, and experienced team of in-house testers across more than 25 languages to ensure your game is ready for any market of your choosing.

3500+ audio and voice-over productions.

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Audio Production & Voice-Over Recording

The importance of audio in creating a compelling, immersive gaming experience is paramount. Altagram offers every audio localization service your game might need in over 50 languages.

3500+ audio and voice-over productions.

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