Top 5 Alternatives to Arcades in Berlin!

Whether you’re an ex-pat in Berlin or just passing through, if you’re someone who enjoys communal gaming, you might have noticed that Germany doesn’t seem to have virtually any arcades.

To most passionate nerds’ dismay, arcade culture has completely vanished from the German gaming scene, sometime in the early 1980s. The German government had pushed for a law to restrict access to any arcade games for young adults under 18, legally putting them in the same category as slot machines. The reasoning behind this decision was that arcade machines are supposedly targeted specifically toward exploiting adolescents and perpetuating the consumption of harmful, violent forms of media. Quite the big accusation, for someone that just wants to indulge in a couple of rounds of Dance Dance Revolution.

Whether we will ever be able to have a proper arcade in Berlin is uncertain, but in the meantime, we may provide some relief! Here are our current top 5 picks of how to get your gamer on, when in Berlin!


At the top of our list is probably the closest thing you’ll find to an arcade, and it’s targeted towards all kinds of gamers; the LVL World of Gaming in Berlin. LVL is a multi-media gaming venue, fully equipped with the latest technology and games for you to get lost in. A VR-area, an esports arena, an inhouse movie theater for private big-screen gaming sessions, and an arcade-games section. While it doesn’t provide the typical feeling of an arcade, it does come with all the classic arcade games for you to play, completely free of charge!

Top 5 Alternatives to Arcades in Berlin!
Top 5 Alternatives to Arcades in Berlin!

Flipperhalle, Teltow

While some people might raise an eyebrow or two at them, pinball machines are definitely an arcade classic, even if they have drastically decreased in popularity over the past few decades. Walking into Flipperhalle in Teltow Berlin almost feels as if you’re stepping through a time portal. The storage hall is filled to the brim with pinball machines, and even a PONG table for your retro multiplayer desires. Even better is their all-you-can-play buffet-style policy of paying 10€ upfront at the counter and being able to play as much as you’d like.

VR Nation

VR Nation is the self-proclaimed best virtual reality arcade in Berlin. Group up with up to 4 players to enjoy a full body, 4D simulated VR experience on 100sqm of free space.

Top 5 Alternatives to Arcades in Berlin!
Top 5 Alternatives to Arcades in Berlin!

Cineplex Movie Theaters

If you’re still in need of the perfect venue to have your next gaming-themed birthday party at, why not rent out an entire movie theater hall? Cineplex theaters all around Berlin are free to rent for special occasions, and come with an amazing sound system, free internet access, and giant screens. What more could you want for that perfect gaming experience?

A Maze.

A Maze. is an annual “international festival for arthouse games and playful media.” If you are a fan of everything VR and experimental, you will love A Maze.! The festival perfectly merges gaming culture with the artistry of the Berlin scene and offers musical entertainment alongside all your nerdy needs. In 2022, A Maze had it's first in-person event in 2 years.

While Berlin may not be able to satisfy your craving for a nostalgic arcade experience, it certainly doesn't fall short of innovation when it comes to communal gaming.

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Top 5 Alternatives to Arcades in Berlin!


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