Top Five Games Made in Seoul

Based in a country seeing huge growth in its video game sector, Korean game studios have been releasing big hits in the past few years. As seen in our previous post, the Top Ten Things to do in Seoul for Gamers, Koreans of all ages have been diving headfirst into gaming culture. Mostly focused on digital gaming like mobile and PC, the gaming industry has been growing at an annual rate of 4.3% (Statista). Although the most popular games by far are MMORPGs, we tried to diversify the list for all types of players to enjoy.


MapleStory Game

MapleStory - Source:

MapleStory has been around for years and only continues to be a huge favorite in Korea and around the world. An extremely social game, it sees players work to improve their own character’s skills while chatting, looting and even getting married to others. The 2D element gives the game an almost retro vibe, even though it has been updated many times, including the release of a sequel. Create your avatar, choose your class and find out how to fulfill your quest by defeating the Black Mage.

Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online MMORPG Ingame

Ragnark Online - Source:

You guessed it, another tried and true MMORPG. Based on a comic of the same name by Lee Myung-jin, this 3D game features a constantly changing timeline that players must interact and adapt with within the specific world. The key part of the game is choosing the “job” of your character. With that choice come make-or-break strengths and weaknesses that can determine the gameplay for you. Starting at 13 but growing to 50 classes, the choice is daunting but crucial as your job can change as well. Whether you want to try out the newest sequel, the mobile version, or even watch the animated TV series, Ragnarok Online is definitely one to check out.

Blade & Soul


Blade and Soul - Source:

Developed by one of the most notable studios in Korea, NCSOFT, this fantasy martial arts game was only released in Western countries 2 years ago, but had been out in Korea and Japan since 2012. A super renowned character customization system gives the game an update from the more traditional fighting style games. There are four playable races that reference the four Chinese Symbols of Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise and White Tiger. Definitely a must for fans of combat-driven games.


ANIPENG Ingame Screenshot

ANIPENG - Source:

Finally a change of pace! ANIPANG is a mobile puzzle game, and also the first Korean game to reach 20 million downloads. Filled to the brim with squishy animal faces, this match-3 style game can be enjoyed alone or by competing with friends. Whether it’s killing time waiting for the bus or just wanting to beat that one tricky level, ANIPANG can be played anywhere at any time.


Lineage Screenshot Ingame

Linage - Source:

Rounding out this list is Lineage, a video game series released in the 90s and still receiving sequels and spin-offs to this day. Taking you back to medieval times, this game is one of the most successful MMORPGs to date. The realistic siege warfare and constant lore updates makes it a fun and addictive way to pass the time. The mobile release of the game broke records and had fans eager to play, so don’t miss out.

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