In the Life of an Altamate – Talent Acquisition Manager

Here at Altagram we strongly believe, that a business is only as good as its employees. That's why with this series of posts, we wanted to turn attention to the people that drive our company, our Altamates. This week we're continuing with Alex, who will talk to us about his life as a Talent Acquisition Manager at Altagram.

In the Life of an Altamate – Talent Acquisition Manager

Alex has been with us since October of 2021, and has been supporting our team as a Talent Acquisition Manager. With a long prior background in construction, the Dublin-born professional has gathered the extensive interpersonal skills needed, to succeed as an Acquistion Expert. Moving to Berlin and working for Altagram was a personal challenge, he says, which he will talk about more in this article.

Being a Talent Acquisition Manager

What is the best part of your job?

"Meeting all kinds of new people on a weekly basis."

What is your personal work style?

"I like to work in the office and interact with others! I'm a morning person so I’m usually up early, I like to get things done as fast and efficiently as I can while helping others also. "

What is your favorite pastime activity at the office?

"Interacting with work colleagues at lunch or during one of our many company events etc."

How have you personally improved working through Altagram?

"I joined with a 14-year background in the construction sector which I was in from the age of 16, so a new sector was a new challenge! I have picked up some new things thus far in the time I have been here, I suppose dealing with a new way a sector operates has been something good for me."

How do you feel about the company's culture?

"Great! Mixed culture is cool; seeing people from many different backgrounds is great and learning about their different cultures."

What motivates you to work at Altagram?

"I suppose as the recruiter I enjoy seeing people get hired. So, from my initial interview seeing them progress thought the interview stages to meeting them in person is really cool."

What drives Alex

Whats your favorite game?

"Any motorsport games …. Formula 1, MotoGP or Rally games as I’m a big motorsport fan."

If you could be any video game character, who would it be?

"Ezio Auditore from assassin’s creed."

Ezio Auditore

In the Life of an Altamate – Talent Acquisition Manager


Your favorite quote from a video game?

" “Be loyal to what matters.”, Arthur Morgan - Red dead redemption 2"

If you're interested in being an Altamate, or working with Alex on the Team, don't hesitate to visit our career page to find current open positions, or to contact us as a freelancer. See you on the team!


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