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We are proud to introduce Altagram Platform, a web solution designed to automate and simplify culturalization workloads! Together with a team of culturalization experts and software developers, Altagram has custom-built the perfect culturalization solution for your game.

It’s simple, user-oriented, and flexible, while maintaining the same level of quality we’ve always strived for since day one
. Our secret? The right combination of culturalization expertise, technical know-how, and hands-on experience.

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Platform Altagram



When exporting a video game into a different language market, the written text must be translated and the spoken word must be translated and voiced over. This is referred to as localization. In addition to this; game colors, symbols, icons, and avatars, etc., all need to be given a culturally coherent context, to make them meaningful to the player.

The business need

  • The video game industry faces challenges to retain customers (84% of games have a retention rate of less than 50%). Games are updated weekly or monthly by over 51% of the game producers to stay competitive and win over foreign markets, and there is a lack of a quick and smooth process to handle the culturalization aspects of these updates.
  • Culturalization projects use a large decentralized workforce of freelance service providers to perform individual tasks, which is very difficult to manage.
  • The 23-spoken languages in the EU multiply the cultural barriers when addressing the EU market. Furthermore, there are huge cultural challenges faced when culturalizing video games for the Asian and USA markets.
  • A number of disparate file types, software programs and methods are used for source files, translation, and project management, which increase the complexity of the process, and the turnaround time, and cost, and can result in errors. All of these factors are inconsistent with the demands of the gaming industry.


First culturalization web software platform in the market with the following unique features and value proposition:
  • Integrates the disparate source file types and translation and project management tools into one integrated video game culturalization platform to save time and cost and to reduce errors and improve quality.
  • Includes an online marketplace that allows service providers (translators, proofreaders, and voice-over artists, etc.) to sign in, message each other, get rated /ranked, to be found, and to be hired by game producers.
  • Includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) features to automate the culturalization of voice, text/caption and visual content.
ALTAGRAM PLATFORM is a game-changer within the industry, which allows game developers and publishers, and culturalization service providers to collaborate, manage, and perform the entire culturalization process on one integrated platform, to produce high-quality results, quickly and cost-effectively.

API Access and Connections :

The platform is fully connected to our clients. To serve them with quality and in the shortest amount of time, we provide APIs where clients can streamline their process sending data directly to our internal system. We unify our processes and make sure our clients have no need for extraction and exportation of content from their production environment.

People and BI :

To make sure we have the best culturalization processes, we provide tools in the platform to inform everyone involved at all times about the progress and the status of the jobs. We have information at the fingertip. All KPIs of the project are available for the clients and PMs inside Altagram. Data is extremely important when planning new projects or following up a current one.

AI :

The industry is changing Machine Translation is not a trend anymore, it is a reality. The platform is equipped with trainable engines that can provide machine translation. This service is developed over several sessions of machine training with relevant in-game data that provides the right context for the translation. We offer accurate and natural translation made by our AI modules.

Altagram :

Altagram GmbH provides a one-stop solution for video game localization and culturalization. Our team of 85 employees and our network of 1000+ external freelancers translate into over 50 languages. The company was founded by our CEO Ms. Amigues, in 2013.

Our customers are game development companies and game publishers ranging from small independent developers (Indie) to leading global video gaming companies (AAA). Altagram manages all video game genres such as FPS, RPG, RTS, MMO, education, and entertainment software. The result is a high-quality localization, culturally suitable for the customer’s target market. Our largest customer base is located in France, USA, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, China, Japan, and South Korea. We have successfully localized over 4,500 games allocated across all available distribution channels. Altagram’s ultimate goal is to make our customers’ titles shine, by providing a high quality, localized, culturally appropriate gaming experience.

Platform Altagram
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No.849628