Altagram is an ever expanding company
offering ambitious localization services.
Our secret?

Our Culture

A reliable team of dedicated perfectionists and above all else: gamers.
We are always on the lookout for awesome people to join us!
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We are always growing. Continuous collaboration with our satisfied clients allows us to channel all of our energy in this direction. Every challenge is met and brings with it a share of new experiences and learning. We never miss a chance to take on new talent and mobilize the right resources, evolving every day in the name of development.

One Team

We appreciate and understand each other and are more than simply "colleagues." Caring, compassion, and mobilization are the core values that govern our team spirit and we always strive to communicate these values to our customers, our service providers, our neighbors, and, when possible, to the whole video game industry.


We have specialists for every aspect of your game localization, combining all of our team's skills to guarantee the highest quality. We also respect our commitments, honoring our principles of efficiency, ethics, and transparency.


Everyone at Altagram is a gamer and loves their job, so we work hard to do it well. We don’t count the hours or the amount of effort we put in to achieve the best quality possible. We do it for the satisfaction of a job well done and are proud of it.


As passionate players, more than anything else, we are all intrigued by each of the games we localize and play them as much as we can so we can get to know them as well as our clients making them. Energy and enthusiasm are the essence of Altagram's spirit, setting the stage for our position in this industry.