Multilingual community management:
an effective way to extend the life of your video game


Multilingual Community Management

In the age of social media and global online exposure, attention is the world's number one currency. Altagram will make sure your players are getting the best experience and feel connected to your community as they play your games.

We guarantee:

Community management
Community management available in over 50 languages.

Dedicated team
A team of dedicated, native experts working with your community.

Personalized strategy
As a quality-driven team of experts, we'll create a personally tailored community management strategy for your title.
While a strong and lively community is critical in keeping your game on the charts, we understand that good community management is a time consuming task. Our community management experts will be there to respond to any questions, requests, and comments from fans and forum posters alike. Your community will be constantly supported by our team of experts. In short, when you need help managing, maintaining, and growing your community, Altagram will be there to help at every juncture.

We offer:

Community maintenance

This includes checking the regularity of posts and other publications, increased forum engagement, and responses to your fans’ comments.

Content creation

Depending on your prior experience with community management, we can devise a content strategy for your community, including the tone, content, posting frequency, and more. We can then produce this content ourselves, whether it's posts for an official blog or on social media.

Forum engagement and growth

As part of our content strategy planning, we can create exciting and interesting content, such as contests and events in a scheduled manner to encourage community engagement, participation, and growth.

Community monitoring

Through consistent monitoring of sites and forums where your fans reside, we can monitor and analyse fans' posts and participation, as well as be there to assist in the case any negativity that might be seen on such platforms. We'll create a friendly atmosphere of engagement with your title's players.

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