Freelancer Feedback Survey

At Altagram Group, we rely on a huge pool of 1000+ multilingual freelancers, working in 94 language pairs since 2016, to accompany us on your game’s localization journey. We have nurtured these relationships over the years, and are proud to consider ourselves a go-to establishment in terms of freelancers’ wellbeing and support.

We see the benefits as two-fold: nurturing good relationships with our freelancers is essential to providing high-quality localization results, while it also aligns with the values of transparency, commitment, and reliability we’ve been promoting since our inception.

Our deeper understanding of our freelancers’ capacities and of their likes and dislikes of specific genres allows us to better allocate projects. Some of our freelancers are well-versed in MMOs and online games, having played them since their teenage years, while others have been ardent platformer and Metroidvania fans since childhood. Consequently, they have gained a broader understanding of the ins and outs of their lingo.

This added value in terms of positive exchanges can be felt through the completion of our recurrent check-in surveys. In line with the transparency policies we promote with our clients, we have decided to start sharing the results of the feedback our freelancers give us.

Below, are some of the results of the latest questionnaires.

Freelancer Feedback Survey

Lian, Chinese Freelance Linguist

“Over the years, I have developed a deep bond with Altagram. It is an outstanding agency, for which I am always willing to go the extra mile and deliver the most polished localization possible—not only out of responsibility, but most importantly, the passion that Altagram inspires.”

First and foremost, these surveys help us measure the efficiency and quality of our exchanges with freelancers. As such, we can evaluate some of the roadblocks we may be facing in our monthly project scheduling, while assuring better management of the wellbeing of our freelancers.

On the whole, it is a pleasure to read the comments on our ongoing relationships, and while we are always aware that it is possible to improve, we are glad to have been able to define such a nice environment for our collaborations.

What do you think about our daily cooperation?

Freelancer Feedback Survey

The graph above shows that over 90% of our freelancers are satisfied with the daily management of our projects. These results demonstrate the high capacity of our coordinators to communicate clearly and convey the requirements of each game localization project. It’s important for us to share our knowledge about the games we receive from our clients, including various materials, builds, kick-off meetings, etc. We aim to excel in our communication on both client and team sides.

Freelancer Feedback Survey

Daniel, German Freelance Linguist

“Working with Altagram is a pure joy. Their project managers care deeply for their projects and their freelancers alike, and ensure that everything runs smoothly. If a problem arises, they are only one Skype message away and competently help you out without any delay.”

We can see below that our coordination teams excel in terms of reliability and commitment.

We care for our freelancers, and this is reflected in their care for the projects we assign to them. We have put in place a fast and accessible communication system which allows us to exchange continuously while checking on the progress made by our freelancers over the course of any project we work on.

We also demonstrate our reliability and commitment by ensuring a steady flow of project assignments to our freelancers—a methodology that is valued in this field.

This observation is supported by the care we put into hiring competent linguists who are also gamers, while paying special attention to providing our freelancers with projects that interest them.

How would you rate the following statements when thinking about Altagram?

Freelancer Feedback Survey

In comparison to other Language Service Providers, we notice a consistent, positive emphasis on contact and communication.

Freelancer Feedback Survey

Sara, Spanish Freelance Linguist

“I’ve been collaborating with Altagram since day 1 and it's been an awesome journey. Every project is an exciting adventure, and the coordinators put a lot of effort into keeping the machine well oiled. Even in the more hectic moments they are always there to make your work easy-peasy, with incredibly nice words. Working with them is so pleasant, you might forget about asking for holidays!”

We value the human aspect of our relationships with our freelancers. We trust their commitment to our projects and show our appreciation for the work they do for us. If they have questions, our dedicated coordination teams are there to help without delay. Therefore, our clients can rely on us to deliver high-quality content while sticking to deadlines.

How would you rate Altagram in comparison with other localization companies?

Freelancer Feedback Survey

Overall, the quality of our cooperation is rated highly by our freelancers, a positive insight that encourages us to continue to provide high-quality work.

Overall, how would you rate the quality of your cooperation with Altagram.

Freelancer Feedback Survey

If you have a passion for languages coupled with a love for gaming, you’re welcome to apply to join us as a freelance translator! We work on all kinds of games, in a wide variety of languages with a non-stop flow of projects.

At Altagram, we use our years of experience in the games industry to help game developers and localization managers get the results they want as efficiently as possible.

If you would like to know more about our services and teams, check us out!

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