Even with the highest quality of translation and dubbing, no localized build is perfect without proper Localization Quality Assurance. Only an in-depth testing phase will yield a polished and bug free title before submission or release. That’s what the players demand and deserve. It is Altagram’s ultimate goal to make your title shine. This means a culturally appropriate game and the elimination of any text or audio related issues.

The members of our  testing team have years of experience in the quality assurance sector and can handle any type of game and platform with ease. All of our testers are trained terminology specialists, native speakers and gaming enthusiasts. Depending on the project, they will receive additional training from the Quality Assurance Lead and the Quality Assurance Manager.

We support the bug tracking tool of your choice, such as Devtrack, Bugzilla, Jira, Redmine, etc.

Testers will enter bug reports following our own strict format or the format you prefer for your project. We will deliver daily testing reports tailored according to your wishes.

Quality Assurance testing can take place in multiple shorter passes or one long pass depending on your wishes and the structure of the game. Of course multiple testers can be deployed for each language, depending on volume and available time frame.

Altagram provides game testing services in over 25 languages and on many different platforms, including PC, Mac, mobile, browser and consoles.