MMOs are no longer the domain of the hardcore gamer alone. They have hit the mass markets and more and more players are entering the immersive worlds that these games offer.

Many of them originate from the Far East and can present very unique challenges to the localization process, especially considering the incredible growth of the market in recent years.

Altagram has established a flexible team of MMO experts who will get to know your game inside and out. This allows us to tailor the best comprehensive solutions for your game’s particular needs, as well as quickly handle regular updates and maintain style and terminology consistency in your MMO localization project.


Altagram’s expert team understands the unique challenges MMO localization poses in terms of organization. The volume is higher than any console or casual game, while deadlines, consistency, terminology and style are just as important. Our linguists are not only experienced translators, but also avid MMO players. They know the need for an immersive experience and the importance of translating the entire universe into a new culture – more than just a language. All our linguists are carefully chosen through a strict selection process and are certified and experienced translators, with whom we have established long-term partnerships. This allows us to provide advanced linguistic services and localize your MMO into more than 40 languages, from various source languages (in particular Chinese simplified/traditional, Japanese and Korean). Altagram can guarantee output of over one million words per month.

Our translators have been trained to deal with the challenges of MMO translation, including long item lists and the necessity for terminology consistency throughout a game.


From the outset, our project management team will work with you to analyze the project and devise a comprehensive solution for your MMO, taking into consideration all your needs and requirements to establish a project plan. Throughout the whole project, you are in regular contact with a dedicated project manager who knows your project and can provide constructive feedback.

Each project is assigned a dedicated Project Manager and Linguistic Manager who supervise the budget and timeline as well as the global quality. After initial analysis of the project, they allocate the work to in-house or external teams selected depending on project types and requirements. Once a team is assigned to an MMO project, this same team will work on all further translations and updates concerning the same game. This is particularly important for the reviewer, who oversees all the text and terminology.

The translation process includes glossary creation and update as well as a query log to improve consistency within the game, and make update translations much easier in the future. In addition to in-game text, dialogues and UI, we also localize manuals, packaging, legal and graphic texts, marketing materials, websites, subtitles and any other type of text you might need. We can also handle SEO and copywriting.

The assigned team will play the game as much as possible, visit forums and look for available relevant sources of information in order to immerse themselves fully in the project and its universe.

All texts are localized by specialized translators and reviewed by a different linguist with a fresh perspective and a better overview of the game. The separate reviewer is the project’s terminology expert and is also in charge of glossary maintenance to ensure that consistency is respected throughout. The reviewer also makes sure that all client instructions and answers are implemented into the translation. Before delivery, each batch is submitted to additional quality checks. Particular care is given to consistency checks throughout the projects. The Linguistic Coordinator also communicates directly with the audio and testing teams to ensure a seamless workflow from one stage of the localization to the next.


Thanks to our professional computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools and workflow processes, we can guarantee a high quality translation output of several million words on a single project. MMO projects are coordinated with linguists around the world using our integrated memoQ server.

This allows us to centralize project information, files and translation memories to be shared with the localization team. We always go one step further by using professional QA tools, in particular memoQ and ApSIC Xbench to check quality towards the end of a project. Our workflow is optimized and automatized through the use of an integrated ERP system, which guarantees in particular smooth communication between all stakeholders. Moreover, we are able to work with a diversity of file formats: .doc(x), .xls(x), .txt, .ai, .xlf, .po, .xml, .html, .indd, and many more due to our extensive engineering experience.

We are constantly looking forward to new challenges and developing solutions.


Through project management, audio engineering and artistic direction as well as state-of-the-art audio equipment and production tools, we have a solid foundation on which to build a new universe for your MMO. Not only do we have access to a wide database of German voices of all kinds from our in-house recording studio, we also work in collaboration with reliable and experienced partner studios across the world to provide the best quality for each language.

We will work with you every step of the way and provide a comprehensive audio service, including script analysis, casting, pre-production, dubbing, music & sound production and post-production.


To ensure the best conditions for your game’s launch, Altagram can assist you with your testing needs. Our testing team works closely with the Project Manager & QA Lead to provide consistent and accurate QA feedback. The members of our testing team have years of experience in the QA sector.

All of our testers are trained MMO specialists, native speakers and gaming enthusiasts. They receive additional training from the QA Lead before the start of the project in order to be well prepared for the specific structure and intricacies of your MMO.

We support the bug tracking tool of your choice, such as Devtrack, Bugzilla, Jira, Redmine, etc. Testers enter bug reports following our own strict format or the format you prefer for your MMO. We deliver daily testing reports tailored according to your needs. Testing can take place in multiple shorter passes or in one long pass depending on your wishes and the structure of the game. Of course multiple testers can be deployed for each language, depending on volume and available time frame.

You can rest assured your project is in the best possible hands, owing to our expertise and our vast experience with MMO localization in general. Our customized solutions will provide for your specific needs and we will work hand-in-hand with you along the way.