Altagram Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) game localization specialists

We are a leading independent video games localization agency, working in over 40 language combinations with Chinese for all major gaming platforms. You can rest assured that your projects are safe in the hands of our Chinese game localization professionals. With over 3,000 game titles localized, we have extensive experience working with CAT tools. Our teams of Chinese linguistic coordinators, translators, project managers and audio engineers have extensive know-how in localizing games of all genres for the Chinese market.

Altagram Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) game localization process

Linguistic style, cultural expressions and gaming terminologies are among the most important factors for us when preserving the essence of your game. We have broad experience providing Chinese game localization services and we understand the importance of retaining your game’s central message. To guarantee your project is ready for market release, we always implement a thorough QA check at the end, ensuring the highest quality of your Chinese localization project. We have carefully selected partners in Shanghai and Taipei – both home to a vast pool of well-known Chinese voice actors. Our audio directors and casting team will always find the right talents for your dubbing and voice-over recordings. Our objectives are to listen and to be responsive to your needs, offer creative solutions for any given challenge and meet deadlines without compromising the quality of our work and your budget. We act as an extension to your team.

Altagram Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) game localization services

Project Management:

  • Project analysis
  • Budget and schedule control
  • Cohesive project management team

Linguistic Coordination:

  • Experienced traditional Chinese linguistic coordinators
  • Experienced simplified Chinese linguistic coordinators
  • Skilled native traditional Chinese translators
  • Skilled native simplified Chinese translators
  • Creation and verification of glossaries in Chinese
  • Proofreading and editing by a second linguist
  • Website localization for Chinese-speaking markets
  • DTP material localizations for Chinese-speaking markets
  • Marketing material localizations for Chinese-speaking markets


  • Carefully selected in-country studio partners in Shanghai and Taipei
  • Script analysis for all Chinese-speaking markets
  • Casting and booking of professional Chinese voice actors
  • Well-known and experienced Chinese artistic directors
  • Video-subtitling for all Chinese-speaking markets
  • Experience in voice-over and dubbing
  • Audio and video asset preparation for all Chinese-speaking markets
  • Post-production, mixing and mastering
  • Music and sound production


  • All platforms supported for Chinese game testing
  • Native Chinese QA lead with extensive industry experience
  • Capable native Chinese game testers
  • Verification of on-screen text
  • Terminology verification for all Chinese-speaking markets
  • Removal of un-localized text
  • Consistency checks
  • Character length checks
  • Text post-production
  • Website verification for Chinese-speaking markets

Some insights about the Chinese language and market:

With 1.2 billion speakers (roughly 16% of the world population), Chinese is one of the world’s most widely-spoken languages. It has many varieties, and the most common, Mandarin, boasts 960 million speakers alone. The Chinese make a clear distinction between spoken and written language in a way no Western country does. What is known as “Simplified Chinese” is the standard way of writing the language on the Chinese continental mainland. “Traditional Chinese” is mainly used in the areas of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, with characters distinguishable by their complexity compared to their simplified counterparts.