Casual and social games have reached people of all ages and created new players of those who would never have considered picking up a game. Boosted by the growth of the Internet and mobile devices, they are becoming increasingly popular in all parts of the world. With a growing demand for new ideas and new markets, the industry is under pressure to innovate and develop at a fast pace.

Altagram has experience working on mobile and browser games, as well as games for social networks and console online networks. This allows us to tailor the best possible solutions for your game’s particular needs, handling fast-paced updates with a quick turnaround. We will help turn your casual game into the next phenomenon!

Casual and Mobile Game localization workflow

Altagram offers your casual and mobile game localization services in over 40 languages with 10 source languages.

Fast turnaround time. We are working with our team of native translators worldwide. This process has a particular advantage when you like to be present on emerging markets such as Middle Eastern, Latin American, Turkish, Russian, Brazilian, Chinese and Korean countries.

Our internal testing team consists of only industry experienced native speakers. All of our translators and testers are selected having undergone rigorous training and tests in order to guarantee your casual and mobile game localization is a success.

Altagram Casual and Mobile Game localization services

Project Management Team:

  • Highly experienced with casual games
  • Project analysis
  • Schedule and budget supervision

Linguistic Coordination Team:

  • Specialized translation for emerging markets and casual games
  • Over 40 target languages with options for 10 different sources
  • Specialized game translators and proofreaders
  • Localized by qualified and tested native linguists
  • Proofreading and editing by a second qualified native linguist
  • Glossary creation and validation by native linguists
  • QA check of all languages at the end of the project before delivery

Testing Team:

  • International in-house localization testers specialized for casual games
  •  Localization testing
  • Terminology verification
  • Consistency and character length checks
  • Onscreen text verification
  • Elimination of non-localized text
  • All platforms supported