Altagram provides the full range of audio services your video game project requires:

  • Talent casting
  • Voice-over recording
  • Audio project management
  • Experienced team of professionals
  • Post-production
  • Sound effects & sound design
  • Music production


Our highly qualified team members include audio leads, sound engineers and artistic directors. Each team member involved in your project is carefully selected to convey the spirit of the game. We have worked on various AAA projects, some with over 200 actors, and can offer a vast selection of voices from all ages. Our database of professional voice actors consists of well-known voices with significant experience and proven track records in the movie and gaming industries. Of course you receive full rights to your recordings and we handle contractual negotiations with all voice actors.

Recording and post-pro studios in Berlin and in-country

We offer German and English recordings in our own studios in Berlin. As the capital of the German dubbing industry, it gives us access to the most varied actor pool in the country. Additionally, Berlin houses a great selection of US and UK actors and directors we regularly use for native English recordings. All other languages are handled by trusted and selected partners who reside within a country of that language to ensure quality and a wider selection of native voice actors, engineers and artistic directors.

Using high quality equipment, in particular microphones and pre-amps, custom designed recording spaces and a mixture of absorbent and diffusing sound materials, we can achieve outstandingly clear, accurate and neutral voice recordings. We use a video system that provides the actor with the script and video assets while recording, eliminating the need for printed scripts. Our studios are equipped with the latest recording and post-production technology available.


Audio projects differ greatly in terms of volume and requirements. Our project managers understand the need for custom-tailored solutions and will work together with you and our team to guarantee smooth sailing from the preparation phase until the delivery of the last audio file and as-recorded script.

Communicating every aspect of the project in detail is a key aspect for successful localization. This includes budget and time planning, script integrity, reference audio files, technical specifications and possible length restrictions. We want you to have the choice over the voices appearing in your game.

While we give recommendations based on the roles and characters, you will always be the one giving the final approval. We can organize live casting sessions or you can make a selection from our large actor database. All recordings are supervised by an audio project lead, a sound engineer and an artistic director. The team will also prepare Pro Tools™ sessions to ensure recordings fulfill your technical specifications and length restrictions.

Once the recording is finished, the post production phase kicks in, including sound editing, audio mixing, the addition of effects and sound design. Additionally, in-depth final reviews guarantee the quality of the entire process for all dubbed languages. No audio file will be sent to you without extensive QA checks. We deliver your project in the format of your choice together with a script including all as-recorded changes for a perfect subtitle implementation. It is of the utmost importance for us to be consistent to the source material while respecting the intricacies of the dubbed language.

The result will be a high quality localization, culturally suitable for your target market. No matter what you want to localize, Altagram can manage all video game genres such as FPS, RPG, RTS, MMO, education and entertainment software.

If you are interested in accessing new markets with your product, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a customized quote.

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